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Volunteer Driver Application

Main Duty

Drive ITN customers (seniors and people with visual impairments) wherever they want to go within the service area. Medical appointments, shopping, and to visit friends are frequent destinations.

Time Frame

Length of Commitment: One year, three hours/month (more if possible). 
Schedule: Flexible. We will accommodate you.

Qualifications Sought

  1. Valid driver’s license and three years driving experience.
  2. Acceptable record of safe driving (no moving violations for three years) and clean criminal history check.
  3. Proof of liability insurance for vehicle.
  4. Current registration and inspection sticker on vehicle, if applicable.
  5. Personal references from three non-relatives.


  1. Make a difference in someone’s life.
  2. See the face and hear the voice of the person you are helping.
  3. Meet other community-minded people.
  4. Learn community history from the people who lived it.
  5. Receive training. Build your resume.
  6. Receive mileage reimbursement for occupied miles.
  7. Earn ITN transportation credit for unoccupied miles for yourself or someone special to you.
  8. Receive discounts from area merchants.
  9. Volunteers receive all the benefits of membership for themselves and a membership to give away.
  10. Invitations to volunteer appreciation events.


  1. Maintain an insured, registered, and inspected vehicle, and inform the ITN office in writing of any changes to your motor vehicle record or insurance policy (i.e. accidents and moving violations).
  2. Provide safe, clean, comfortable transportation.
  3. Be on time.
  4. Report your mileage.
  5. No smoking during the entire shift.
  6. Do not consume alcohol or take prescription drugs that will affect your ability to drive before your shift.
  7. Wear your ID tag and have the ITN placard visible in your car’s side window.
  8. Maintain a professional relationship with the ITN customer. It is inappropriate to request favors or accept gifts or tips from customers. Customers may make a donation in your name to ITN if they wish to thank you.
  9. Call the dispatch office with any changes (i.e. running late, making an unscheduled stop, inability to do a scheduled ride).
  10. Maintain confidentiality. Please do not share personal information. A professional manner is absolutely necessary.

ITNAmerica respects your privacy and will keep all volunteer information confidential. Personal information is used for aggregate reporting purposes only, to enable group distribution comparisons across affiliates and between the ITNAmerica volunteer population and the US older population in general.